Heavy Duty Outer CV joint

Heavy Duty Outer CV joint
Manufacturer: Allspeed Engineering
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  • Heavy Duty Outer CV joint , is used for our Honda / Big block vauxhall 25t drive shafts , these fit standard mini disc brake hubs, a series metro hubs.

    These cv joints are heaven sent and a must for high output/aggressive application mini's ::

    Inner spline is vaux 25t giving a considerable increase in driveshaft csa ( cross sectional area ) resolving the classic failure issue of stock mini 19t dia. d'shaft where the d'shaft enters the outer cv joint. The cv housing/inner cage is considerably stronger than a stock mini outer cv joint resolving the classic failure of the stock cv joint outer housing and cage.

    Supplied with new castle nut , cv boot, 2 clips and grease.

    CV joint uses stock large block Vauxhall outer cv boot. ie. 2.0L

    Price is for 1 cv joint, new castle nut , cv boot, 2 clips and grease.

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