Bare towers

Bare towers
Manufacturer: Allspeed Engineering
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  • Bare towers.


    Perfect for the custom frame builder wanting to create there own subframe, this product gives an excellent all new foundation to work from giving potential excellent core structural integrity.

    Uses stock mini top arms and rubber donuts/coil spring replacement.

    The bare towers include the control arm pickup points.

    The bare towers are supplied fully welded.

    This product is only recommended for highly experienced/qualified fabricators/welders/designers.

    As used by many aspiring subframe builders around the world including subframe builders such as 'Mcgees custom minis' in the Usa, experiencing the benefits the new material bare towers offer with much improved structural integrity compared to using the stock mini towers 'cut and shut' to the application. 

    The bare towers are designed for spherical jointed bottom arm and tie bars, the allspeed items are plug and play with the subframe, it may be possible to modify or adapt others to fit.


    If considering a bare towers option, please be sure you have access to the necessary skills to complete the subframe for your engine,gearbox application. ie. Design/ fabrication/welding/machining


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