Vtec/Suzuki/Rover/Nissan/vaux Lower Arm/Tie Bar Set

Billet Bottom Arms and Tie Bar for VTEC/Suzuki/RoverBillet Bottom Arms and Tie Bar for VTEC/Suzuki/Rover
Manufacturer: Allspeed Engineering
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    Lower bottom Arm, tie bar set designed for plug and play fitting in all vtec/Suzuki/rover/nissan subframe applications.

    Please note! arms are not in situ adjustable for safety reasons. a cross bolt has to be removed to make geometry adjustment

    *Bottom arms are steel  billet machined

    *Forks are steel billet with internal full fillet radius ( not end square machined )

    *tie bars are stainless steel, and cranked to maximise caliper clearance and steering lock

    *1/2 lock nuts are stainless steel

    *rod ends are 5/8, 5/8 best quality

    *top hat spacers are bronze for minimal dismantle hassle.

    Price is for 1 pair of bottom arms and tie bars.

    Please note ! The bottom arms and forks are supplied with a cold galv and black top protective coating. These coatings are not bullet proof so

    it is possible to chip and scratch the coating, if the steel underneath the coating is exposed it will rust.



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