D15/D16 subframe

D15/16 subframe
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  • D15/D16 subframe 


    The frame is all brand new and uses aftermarket hd civic 2/3 bolt eg/mb6/dc2 mounts ( Not included ). It is designed for the d16 and although the design offers flexibility for mounting other engines will only guarantee fitment of the d16.As with all our frames the d16 frame can use the rubber donut/coil spring replacement or coilovers, and all with standard track and wheel base.The frame and engine/gearbox assembly will fit a standard round nose but room for an adequate size radiator and good flowing exhaust manifold will be a challenge to overcome.

    As with any classic mini, suspension setup is crucial , this issue is even more of a priority with high power conversions using basic mini suspension geometry, wheel alignment, corner weighting, bump steer correction and keeping scrub radius to a minimum will all enhance the driving pleasure of the completed conversion. Please refer to faq for some handy setup tips.

    If attempting fitment into a standard round nose would also recommend a flip front as the size of the engine/gearbox assembly will be extremely tight to fit through the bonnet opening.The stock inlet will need changing to an aftermarket inlet manifold ie. skunk 2 and angled upwards and rewelded to clear the bulkhead. Use of itb throttle injection can be done without bulkhead mods.

    Exhaust manifold choice would be either a 1 off bespoke manifold from an exhaust specialist or modification of a stock aftermarket tubular manifold to fit the space available.

    The stock Honda gearstick and linkage rods can be used but shortened to suit the mini driving position, it is recommended to replace the stock bulky linkage universal joint with an aftermarket compact precision linkage universal joint, to improve the gearchange quality and also offers more clearance between the uj and subframe.

    The subframe is designed for spherical jointed bottom arm and tie bars, the allspeed items are plug and play with the subframe, it may be possible to modify or adapt others to fit.

    *uses all 3 aftermarket engine mounts type civic 2/3 bolt EG/DC2/MB6 mnts,  for outstanding engine movement control. ( Engine mounts not included )

    * Correct D series gearbox choice for this subframe requires the 3 diff rear mount holes shown in the final picture.

    included with this subframe :

    *Choice of front x member suitable for either standard round nose front or clubman/extended round nose. Pictures show standard round nose x member in place.

    *subframe top washers

    *various basic fasteners for mounting engine in subframe etc.

    *Suitable for right hand drive and left hand drive.

    *Subframe is only available in mild steel/self colour/unpainted.

    As with every Allspeed subframe, the product is all new material manufactured by ourselves. Every subframe has gone through an extensive design and fea stress analysis progamme. Our subframes are not to be confused or compared with cut and shut 'a' series subframes or reverse engineered products. The Allspeed product is the original and designed from the outset for the application and manufactured to the highest standards.

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