Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, Allspeed Engineering Ltd.accept no liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

The information provided is based on the use of Allspeed products only, gathered through considerable experience and popular questions asked.

Please be aware that very few, if any other companies have been offering classic mini engine conversions as long as Allspeed Engineering Ltd. We have extensive experience from using mini based suspension and the issues it can present to bespoke suspension setups to push the classic mini to the front of motorsport specifically Stage Rallying. 


The following are typical questions asked by mini enthusiasts considering an engine conversion.

Please take the time to read through to see if your question is answered before emailing or phoning your questions.

Q) How Much is Package and Delivery Charges ?


A) All products are delivery only. 

Carriage £55.00 on all UK orders that include a subframe. ( excluding Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland , congestion charge locations ) for excluded locations and international carriage please contact us for a quotation. 

A standard package and delivery cost of £16.00 plus vat will be added to any order not including a subframe.( excluding Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland , congestion charge locations ) for excluded locations and international carriage please contact us for a quotation. 


Q. Which engine should I choose ?

A. Considerations to help with your decision. 

How much power are you wanting, be realistic with you requirements. Ie. 100-110 bhp from a modern reliable standard engine with 5 speed gearbox can be quite ample as a daily driver.

What is the mini to be used for, daily driver, weekend fun road car, road and track day, track day, outright competition, sprint/hillclimb/rally etc. For competition, check regulations , this may narrow now what is allowed.


Q. Will a 20xe red top fit in a standard round nose ?


A. All Allspeed conversions will fit standard round nose applications, some with greater or lesser complications than others. The main consideration with the red top is room for an adequate exhaust manifold and radiator, a removable front will also ease the installation. A bonnet bulge will be needed to clear the front os corner of the cam belt cover.


Q. Why do 20xe redtop minis have a reputation for chronic torque steer ?


A. 99% of torque steer issues are due to poor setup, any of the conversions will give torque steer problems with poor setup but the redtop highlites the probem to a greater degree because it usually offers more power and torque than most other engine conversions. Another consideration is to be sensible with wheel widths, ie. excessive scrub radius, if using 13’s 6in wide will give optimal road driving please, 7in can be considered for more serious road driving or competion/track day, where a degree of torque steer can be more tolerated due to the improved tyre support offered by 7’s.


Q. What is a good suspension geometry setup to start with ?


A. Most suspension settings are down to personal preference, most important is to ensure both sides of the car are set the same, but as a starting guide :


Camber. 0.5 to 1.5 deg neg. the need for more than 1.5 deg. points to another problem.

Caster. 3 to 6 deg. the need for more than 6.0 deg. points to another problem. 

Toe out to a minimum but not straight ahead or toeing in.


Camber 0.0 to 0.5 deg neg.

Standard toe in

PLEASE NOTE !  It is essential to corner weight the car on completion, this cannot be stressed enough, if the corner weighting is incorrect the car will never pull in a straight line regardless of camber/ castor/ toe settings.

The mini has not had a full alignment unless it has been corner weighted. Most regular alignment shops will not have corner weighting facilities. If you are unable to do this yourself, then alignment shops more geared towards motorsport will usually have these facilities. Good setup cannot be stressed enough to get the finished conversion driving well, setup is not to be rushed and time spent is well spent.

As with any high power stock classic mini suspension geometry setup, it is strongly advised to carry out bump steer correction to the steering arms, this can be done

either with bump steer correction kits or by heating the steering arm to redhot and bending to the desired position, ensure cooling of the steering is done very slowly.



Q. What is best. Coilovers , Rubber donuts or coil replacements for donuts ?


A. We don’t recommend coilovers on the front with mini suspension geometry, typical issues include a hard enough spring rate to handle ok will lead to lifting off the spring over bumpy roads or under hard acceleration giving vague and or torque steer feel, a soft spring rate will rectify that problem but handling will be poor. A soft spring rate and use of an anti roll bar can give satisfactory results but its unlikely the car will handle any better than just using stock rubber donuts. Coilovers can work fine on the back but again offer little advantage over a stock rubber donut. Donuts will work very well combined with a quality damper, the usual complaint would be a harsh ride, where the coil spring replacement would come in to its own offering a more compliant ride.


Q.What sort of performance can I expect for my mini ?


A.Very difficult to give a definitive answer as perfomance is dependant on so many factors such as : suspension setup / tyres / differential used / weather etc. As a guide an entry level 1.4 8v mpi vauxhall conversion offers improved performance and reliability over an average 1380 a series, a 1.6 8v mpi vauxhall gives average gti performance through to the honda and large block vauxhall conversion giving more serious performance.


Q. What sort of power do each of the engines offer ?


A. Approximate figures :


1.4 8v mpi standard 90 bhp 85 ftlbs

1.6 8v mpi standard 100-110 bhp 105 ftlbs

2.0 8v mpi sri 130. 130bhp

2.0 16v ( redtop ) 150-300 bhp 150-200 ft lbs


1.6 vtec standard 160 bhp 106 ftlbs

1.8 vtec standard 180-200 bhp

Q. Why are the subframe tower bosses at different centres to the holes in the shell. 

The tower bosses are designed to be at different centres to the holes in the bulkhead  cross member. Lift the subframe into position so the subframe tower bosses locate into the shell. Pass the large stock tower bolt through the supplied washer, start the thread a few turns, then tap the washer into position, then fully tighten the large bolts against the bosses on the subframe.


Q. Why don't the front subframe holes line up with the mini tear drop mount holes ?.

A. On Our subframes the 2 holes in question are designed to be high, we used to jig them to be in the same position as the a series frame holes, but the tolerance on the mini shell holes is quite loose causing lining up problems, so the decision was taken to deliberately set them high so a new hole has to be drilled in the front panel eliminating the line up problem. The fabrication tolerance on the subframe holes position is +/- 1.5mm.

The frames where never designed to be used with tear drop mounts anyway,but to be solid mounted as per pre large tower mount frames so would not consider the tear drop mounts not fitting to be an issue. Any fore / aft gap should be taken up with shims as per pre large tower mount frames.


Q. Will the redtop standard injection fit ?

A. Only with some serious bulkhead mods and minor changes to the phlenum chamber. If using standard injection components,most popular is to make your own phlenum using the standard throttle body.. 


Q. What other options for fueling are ther for the redtop if not using the standard injection system ? 

A. Twin 45 carbs / motorbike carbs / Independent throttle bodies. All alternative systems will require some means of controlling the ignition system from a basic dizzy conversion to a full stand alone ecu. The standard ecu cannot be used.


Q. Could you tell me the driveshaft lengths please as i want to cut and shut/ make my own.


A. Cut and shut driveshafts can be succesfull if done correctly, some are nervous about doing this and indeed if they do break, it can be a very dangerous situation and also cause much damage. But the info is freely available.


All overall lengths in mm :


Small block vaux to mini cv 22t to 19 t. 295 and 595

Large block vaux to Allspeed hd cv 25t to 25t. 268 and 333

Large block vaux to mini cv 25t to 19t.288 and 353

Vtec to allspeed hd cv 32t to 25t. 267 and 267

Vtec to mini cv 32t to 19t. 287 and 287

CG13 micra to mini cv. 22t to 19t. 590 and 318


Q. Why is a thick thrust washer required on the top arm assembly

 A. The thick thrust washer stems from the original rally development of the 2.0l 16v subframe where the thin ( standard ) thrust washers were prone to cracking/shattering. This mod has stayed with the subframe since ( over 20 years )
Q. I want to convert my mini in another country outside the UK, how do I know if the parts and conversion will be allowed.
A. It is the customers responsibility to check the countries local laws and regulations regarding modifications before proceeding with the conversion.
Q. Can I have Allspeed cad drawings and stress calculations/screen shots so I can make my own subframe or for my own purposes.
A. Allspeed cad drawings/fea stress calcs and technical paperwork are strictly confidential and under no circumstances will this information be released. The maximum information we are prepared to release is the most basic
typical subframe fea stress analysis data input below, any further information request will be declined :
Vehical weight : 900kg
Power through driven wheels : 230bhp ( power is limited to the max yeald strength of the steel of mini suspension ball joints ie. the weakest link )
Torque through driven wheels : 200 ftlbs
Max load through suspension pickup points : 3G  with 15 deg. steering angle with 80% duty cycle at 230 bhp 
Than as above but with a 4G shock load through one of the driven wheels.
Q. Do you require my old' a' series subframe in exchange for my new Allspeed subframe.
A. We have no requirement for the old' a 'series subframe. The Allspeed subframe is all new and uses no part of the stock 'a' series subframe.
Q. Will standard mini bottom arms and ties bars fit Allspeed subframes.

A. Allspeed subframes are designed for spherical jointed bottom arms and tie bars, the Allspeed items are plug and play with the subframes, it may be possible
to modify or adapt others to fit.
Q. Why do my driveshafts have a static angle.
A. The engine/gearbox position fore/aft is generally limited by the steering rack. The allspeed driveshaft static angle is designed to be 7 deg or less which is the industry standard for driveshaft static angles without causing reliability issues.