Suzuki Swift Mk2 Subframe for Classic Mini G13b

Classic Mini Subframe to hold a Suzuki Swift g13b mk2 Engine/gearbox
Manufacturer: Allspeed Engineering
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  • The frame is all brand new and uses custom engine mounts . It is designed for the G13b mk2 Suzuki Swift engine and although the design offers flexibility for mounting other engines we will only guarantee fitment of the g13b.As with all our frames the g13b frame can use the rubber donut/coil spring replacement or coilovers, and all with standard track and wheel base.The frame and engine/gearbox assembly will fit a standard round nose.

    Included with this subframe :

    *choice of front x member for standard round nose or clubman front.

    *3 eng mnt bkts/3 70sh eng mnts

    *3 stainless steel eng mnt res cups

    *Pair subframe top washers

    *front engine mnt bkt includes parts to create an altenator bkt

    *various fasteners for basic installation

    The subframe is designed for spherical jointed bottom arm and tie bars, the allspeed items are plug and play with the subframe, it may be possible to modify or adapt others to fit.

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